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DIY Dog Boredom Busters

Did you know that mental stimulation and problem-solving can be just as exhausting for your dog as physical exercise? Here are some of our favorite inexpensive DIY dog boredom busters you can make at home.

Busy Box Enrichment Toy via Wear Wag Repeat

Grab the empty cardboard wine or tequila box that we know you have laying around, and use your imagination for dog-friendly things to put inside. Some of our favorite “fillings” include dry kibble food (put your dog’s entire dinner inside to extend mealtime), Cheerios and squeaky Kong tennis balls. Poke holes in the box if it doesn't already have an opening to keep your dog engaged and entertained. Check out the full post from Tori at Wear Wag Repeat for instructions and ideas for things to put inside.

Snuffle Matt via Proud Dog Mom

Whether you call it nose work, foraging, hunting or snuffling, it’s all really the same thing – it’s your dog’s way of using his or her nose to sniff out good things to eat. Enter the Snuffle Mat. The snuffle mat is designed to mimic the grass your dog forages in outside. Made from strands of fabric attached to a backing, you can bury treats and kibble throughout the mat to create a game of hide-and-seek for your dog's nose. All you need is a piece of cardboard, an old pillowcase or t-shirt, and scissors. Check out this post by Proud Dog Mom for detailed instructions.

4-Layer Kong Recipe via Wear Wag Repeat

Did you know that there is an optimal way to stuff a Kong to make it last longer? YES. The way you stuff your dog’s kong is about to change completely. A Kong is a great way to quietly keep your dog busy (think bark-free virtual work meetings). Read about the long-lasting, optimal kong layering technique here.

Share your DIY Dog Boredom Buster creations with us on social media! If you’re not a DIY person and would rather purchase enrichment toys, check out our Amazon Prime favs here.

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