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DIY Barkuterie Boards For Your Dog

Yes, charcuterie boards for dogs are a thing and we are here for it.

barkuterie board for dogs
Custom Barkuterie Board by Amanda Yu-Nguyen, Owner, Barkuterie Boards, LLC

We first came across Barkuterie, that is, charcuterie for dogs, on our Instagram Explore Page. We went down a barkuterie rabbit hole and stumbled across Barkuterie Boards LLC, a female-owned business based in Atlanta, GA serving up charcuterie boards for dogs. We reached out to Barkuterie Boards' owner, Amanda Yu-Nguyen, to get the lowdown on all things barkuterie. Read on to learn more about how Amanda got started, her tips on building your very own DIY barkuterie board, and inspiration for a DIY St. Patrick's Day barkuterie board.

As many great ideas come about, Barcuterie Boards started as a text message between Amanda and her sister. "What better way to combine two of my passions, dogs and food, than creating charcuterie for dogs," Amanda thought. After an enthusiastic response and many test boards for Amanda's pups, Tokyo and Nali, Barkuterie Boards officially launched in December of 2020.

Barkuterie boards are heavily influenced by the artistic creations of human charcuterie boards with dog-safe foods. Not only do barkuterie boards make for a fun activity to do with your dog, but they also provide canine enrichment for your pup. Introducing new foods with different textures is mentally stimulating for dogs, as dogs love to use their sense of smell to figure out what they’re eating. Think of canine enrichment as a workout for your dog’s mind!

DIY Barkuterie Tips


Make sure any human foods you use are dog-friendly. If you aren't sure, use this guide as a starting point. If you have questions about dog-safe foods or incorporating new foods into your dog's diet, consult your veterinarian.


Incorporate foods that you know your dog loves to eat, and experiment with new foods. If your dog likes crunchy treats, try incorporating some crunchy vegetables such as carrots. If your dog prefers soft foods, peanut butter and Greek yogurt make for yummy snacks.


Have you ever seen Michelin Star chefs plate their food? Their dishes have dimension and yours can too. Stack treats and smear peanut butter. Choose produce with vibrant colors and get artsy!


This is a creation for your pup, so enjoy the process. We promise that your dog is going to love his or her barkuterie board regardless of how it looks.

Dog-Safe Barkuterie Ideas

· Jerky Treats - Chicken, Beef, Sweet Potato, Salmon Skin

· Natural Chews - Bully Sticks, Pig Ears, Duck Feet are all great. Bonus points for naturally cleaning your dog’s teeth as they chew!

· Fruit - apple slices, strawberries, banana slices, watermelon, blueberries

· Veggies - carrots, green beans, bell peppers, broccoli, cucumbers

· Kibble - incorporate all or part of your dog's dinner into your board

· Frozen Treats - Freeze bone broth, plain greek yogurt or goat milk in an ice cube tray or a fun paw print silicone mold.

· Cheese in small amounts!

· Other Dog-Safe Toppings - Greek Yogurt, Peanut Butter, Pumpkin Purée, Unsweetened Coconut

Boards, Cookie Cutters & More

· Charcuterie Boards - If you want to use a traditional charcuterie board, you can find them at Target and TJ Maxx. Consider supporting local by purchasing a board from a regional woodworker or small business. Boards do not have to be expensive. Exhibit A: This pink dinner plate we found at Target for fifty cents. You can also use a serving platter or plate from your kitchen cabinet, or your dog's bowl!

DIY St. Patrick's Day Inspired Barkuterie Board

Looking for a creative way to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with your dog? Here are some ideas you can incorporate into a festive Saint Patrick's day barkuterie board for your dog.

· Green Bell Pepper Shamrock: wash a green bell pepper, remove the seeds. Slice the bottom of the pepper and use it as a filled shamrock. Alternately, you can continue slicing the whole pepper and use a sliver as a shamrock outline. Cut a short strip of the pepper to use as the base of the shamrock.

· Green Dog Popsicle Recipe: get a dog-themed silicon mold and fill it with a green smoothie blend (Greek yogurt, spinach, cucumber, banana). Freeze and remove from the mold when you’re ready to create your board. Alternatively, you could freeze Primal Pet Foods Green Goddess Raw Goat’s Milk.

· Green Dog-Friendly Foods: Green Bell Pepper, Cucumbers, Spinach, Green Apples, Green Beans, Snap Peas, Broccoli

· Use your letter cutters and press out a fun St. Patrick’s Day saying from slices of mozzarella cheese! Remember, feed dogs cheese sparingly in moderation.

For more Barkuterie Board inspiration, follow Barkuterie Boards on Instagram at @barcuterieboards and on Facebook at Custom orders from Barcuterie Boards are currently available only in metro Atlanta, but who knows, maybe one day they will ship to Charm City! In the meantime, go support this female entrepreneur on social media as she follows her Barkuterie dreams.

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