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”Oh, so you’re not just a dog walking company?” + Other Fun Comments We’ve Heard Through The Years!

If you're wondering who Dogs of Charm City on.

Two and a half years ago, Dogs of Charm City Founder, Lyndsay, set out to create a new standard for pet care where dogs were so much more than just a pet. As a dog mom who scheduled dog walks herself while working, Lyndsay knew what it was like to be on the receiving end of the phone. She saw potential for a different kind of dog walking experience, and Dogs of Charm City was born. Our goal was to make sure that every pet parent had a smile brimming across their face by the time that Dogs of Charm City wrapped up their dog’s walk.

We experienced insane growth that first year, and dog walking clients started becoming the people (& dogs) we wanted to hang out with on the weekends. Dog moms who share laughs & struggles (and a lot of 🍷). A pack of dogs who share a very special bond. A community of dog parents who throw ragin’ birthday parties (& weddings….yeah that happened…) for our dogs and are there for one another for the highs and lows of dog parenthood. You see, at Dogs of Charm City, we invest our time, resources, connections and emotion into our clients. I know that’s not usually how business works, or may not even be advisable in many cases, but we do things a little differently here at DOCC.

Our pack grew and grew, and we starting organizing fun events with dog owners. The response was outstanding & we had no idea how much we would enjoy planning dog events.

About 75 Baltimore Water Taxi Canine Cruises/ End-of-Season Dog Swims/ Boozy Brunches/ Pup SUP Paddleboarding/ Dog Bar Crawls/ Barksgiving and other events later, here we are. A brand that has evolved with the wants & needs of the Baltimore dog community.

Maybe you started as, or are currently, one of our dog walking clients. Maybe you walk your own pup on your lunch break, but just need to socialize your doggo on the weekends with some local 4-legged friends. Maybe your new to Baltimore and can’t seem to meet any cool people that like to day-drink with dogs, meet up at new places, and appreciate adorable clothes in cute colors that are dog-themed? Maybe you’re newly single and find dating difficult with your pup, and looking for the right “someone” who understands your dog-mom or dog-dad lifestyle? Maybe all of your friends are married with (human) kids, and you’re just not quite ready to spend alllll weeekendddddd at playgrounds and toddlers? Maybe your heart is just WAITING for that right dog rescue or animal shelter to post the pup you’ve been praying to save and open your home and heart to? Maybe you love Baltimore and hate the negative press that seems to always surround our messy-but-amazing city, and want to support awesome, local, small businesses? THIS IS DOGS OF CHARM CITY! We love you, your dog(s), our city, and everything in between. We love every weird, funny, dog-hair covered bit of every single one of you. We have “clients” (really, now friends) that use us for our dog walking services and have never attend our events on weekends. No offense at all! People are BUSY, and if you already have a bazillion friends to keep up with, and endless family to travel around to, then we get it, 100%. And maybe you get to work from home, or take a long lunch break every day and take your pup out mid-afternoon so you don’t need our dog walking services, that’s ok too! Our point is, there isn’t just ONE person (or pup) that has made us the crew of awesome doggos and humans that we are today. Our Founder and #dogboss, Lyndsay, has known from Day 1 that her goal was to love each and every dog as if it were her own, and that love shows day in and day out of who we are and what we do. We are literally a brand built on people that love dogs, both theirs and others, and love the positivity that we try to spread on a daily basis, whether that’s a 15 minute dog or a boozy pups + pajamas brunch with 100+ guests and their dogs.

While we don’t have our own rescue/non-profit or shelter (yet), one of our biggest goals is to support these local organizations who save pups every day! Lyndsay’s pup, Wilson, is a rescue from Homeward Trails Animal Rescue. Melanie (Business Development Manager) has 2 doggos from MD-based rescues (including a 16 year old chihuahua mix!), and the list could go on on and on. While we love your pup no matter where you got him or her, we have a special soft-spot for those rescue pups who are in need of a home. From our awesome BARCStoberfest team (raising over $4K for BARCS!), to our local events benefitting shelters like SPCA of Anne Arundel County and rescues like Wings of Love, Kuwait, this is what makes us work harder and faster each and every day. We can’t save every dog, but we can help support every dog that needs saving, and that will always be at the heart of our mission. If you ever hear of an anonymous Maryland multi-million dollar lottery winner, and all of the local shelters “randomly” close and all of the dogs are “mysteriously” adopted… may or may not be one of us (#kiddingnotkidding). What’s next for us? Who knows?! Uber for dogs? A dog park? A Dogs of Charm City winery featuring all the adoptable dogs in Maryland in a giant instagramable playground?? (sorry…..refocusing now). Who WE are is what YOU are. We will continue to encompass what you want to see and who you want us to become with the ultimate mission of being your #1 resource for dog-friendly everything in Baltimore: breweries, eateries, bars, parks, day trips and dog-friendly shopping. We are who we are because of our amazing, loyal, and adorable followers, both 2 and 4 legged, and we are beyond thankful for each and every one of you.


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