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Dog-Friendly Coffee Shops and Cafes in Baltimore

Calling all coffee (and dog) lovers! We're buzzing (😉) about this one as this list has been a loooong time coming! We know Baltimore dog-owners are curious...where can I grab coffee with my dog? Do I have to sit outside? Can my dog come inside? Even just quickly to grab my drink? These are important questions for caffeine-loving dog parents! And, of course, we've got you covered. Keep reading (using the visual guide below) for our favorite local coffee shops and their dog policies.

Use this guide to find the right shop for you:

🌲 Dogs welcome outside, dog-friendly patio

🥤Walk-up takeout window

⏱ Dogs allowed inside quickly to grab your coffee

☕️ Dogs allowed inside with you (to stay & hang)

💻 Great place to stay and work (for the hoomans, obviously!)


  • Cafe Dear Leon 🌲⏱

  • OneDo 💻🌲

  • THB 🌲

  • Lighthouse Coffee 🥤🌲

  • Starbucks ⏱🌲

Fells Point

  • Daily Grind 💻🥤🌲

  • Pitango Bakery & Cafe 💻🌲

  • EarthShake ☕️🌲(mostly juices & smoothies, but some coffee too!)

Little Italy

  • Ovenbird Bakery 🌲⏱

Upper Fells/Butchers Hill

  • Charm'd Kitchen 🌲🚫💻 (no laptops or wifi here!)

Patterson Park

  • High Grounds 🌲☕️💻

  • Pie Time 💻⏱

Federal Hill

  • Morning Mugs ☕️💻🌲

  • Koba Cafe ☕️💻

  • Order & Chaos ⏱🌲💻

  • Ceremony Coffee Roasters 🥤

  • 3 Bean Coffee ⏱💻

Locust Point

  • Southeastern Roastery Coffee ⏱🌲

Harbor East/Harbor Point

  • Aveley Farms Coffee Roasters ⏱💻

  • Teavolve 🌲⏱💻

Brewer's Hill/Highlandtown