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Santa Paws Is Comin' to Town

“City sidewalks, busy sidewalks, dressed in holiday style…..”

Just kidding. It was October when we were planning our holiday apparel collection. But that didn’t matter! We were lighting the pumpkin spice candles and playing the Christmas tunes at the same time. How do you stop a team of holiday elves that get to plan their lives around dogs? You don’t. We live and breathe spreading joy, by creating a more dog-friendly

Maryland, creating fun holiday shirts, or sometimes BOTH! So when we placed the order for our new holiday-themed shirts, we were shaking in our candy cane-striped socks in anticipation. The apparel boxes arrived, and we opened them like a child on Christmas morning. Then tried on everything, and immediately sent out an email to our Dogs of Charm

City team members: “Who’s ready for Christmas photos?!?!” Silly question. We ALL were.

We had the apparel, we had the vision, we had the cheer, and we had dozens of boxes of Christmas lights and decorations. But we were missing something…..the perfect setting. Insert, our magical North Pole: Haven Street Ballroom. This beautiful blank canvas was just waiting for us and our glitter (both figuratively, and literally). We tweaked our schedules, we made things work, and most importantly, Haven Street Ballroom BROUGHT the magic. Especially when we said we wanted to involve a couple local rescues and adoptable dogs, they were just as excited as we were! Christmas decorations, puppies, and some boxed wine? (ok….that was a day-of decision); this was going to be the BEST photo shoot ever.

Our team arrived at Haven Street Ballroom and met the amazing team of “Christmas elves” (including Haven Street’s amazing owner, Kate); they were so excited to help us, the joy was literally contagious. Don’t believe us? Check out the rest of the photos. Our smiles don’t lie!

Neither do the smiles of the amazing dogs from MAS Rescue and The Humane Way Animal Rescue. While we (thankfully) made it look easy, the behind-the-scenes was a lot of work, mainly in the form of dog treats and bribery. All of the dogs in our photos were in rescue homes, meaning their foster mom(s) had to drive them out to our photo shoot, stay through the duration, all for hopes in getting the perfect shot to help get at least one of these adorable pups adopted.

The "puppy" of the group, Charm, had just arrived in Maryland that day from a shelter in West Virginia! She modeled nicely, was a hit with literally everyone, and got to go home that day with her foster mom, Alex. The holiday cheer must have been contagious, because Alex decided that weekend that she wanted to adopt Charm and become her forever dog mommy! Our hearts were overflowing with joy. Charm, now Chance, is living her best life, and we're so thankful for the numerous rescues that save these amazing pups, and the fosters and adopters that open up their hearts and homes for a doggo in need. Alex (Chance's new mom) recalled what made her interested in fostering:

“My best friend fosters very frequently & has adopted a dog as well. She was fostering a dog already & saw Charm (now Chance) needed a foster, so she showed me & I thought I’d love the company, love, & excitement dogs bring into our lives, so I applied to foster her, and the rest is history!”

When asked how things were going as a new dog mommy (and also a nursing student, while still working, proving there’s no excuses in helping foster or rescue!):

“I absolutely fell in love with her. As someone that struggles with anxiety and depression, Chance has brought a new light to my life. I’d love to register her as a therapy dog, so not just me but other people can benefit from her loving personality. She’s super good with children, loves other dogs, and is overall such a good puppy! I couldn’t have been luckier to find her.”

<3 <3 <3 YOU GUYSSSSS! *insert happy tears*

While we love all dogs (of course), there is a special spot in our hearts for those rescues. We know the time, effort, finances, and energy it takes to make these adoptions happen, and we are eternally grateful for people like Alex, those who run the rescues, people like Kate with Haven Street Ballroom who help us in our mission in getting pups into homes….it truly does take a village. And in our case, a Christmas village. Happy Pawlidays!


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