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9 Dog-Friendly Hikes in Maryland

This blog post was written in part by Tara Steigerwalt of The Hiker Babes Community! Founded in 2017, The Hiker Babes Community is a women-only hiking community with chapters all around the world. Their goal is to provide a safe, all-inclusive environment to share adventures, inspire others, and give back to local communities. Tara became an ambassador of the Maryland chapter in November 2018 and has since grown the chapter from 60 members to over 800!

Here are Tara (and her dog Louis') Favorite Dog-Friendly Hikes in Maryland.

Calvert Cliffs State Park, Orange + Red Trails

Distance: ~5 miles

Difficulty: Easy

Entrance Fee: $5

Helpful Tips: In this park, you get to enjoy both the Southern Maryland woods & the Chesapeake Bay! Get there early in the morning or late in the afternoon and you & your pup may have the beach all to yourself! Check out 12 Places For Your Dog to go Swimming in Maryland for more details about dog-friendly water access!

Greenbury Park, Point + Nature Trails

Distance: 3 miles

Difficulty: Easy

Entrance Fee: None

Helpful Tips: This park is near the Naval Academy and along an active shooting range. During training, the park is closed so be sure to check before going! Plenty of parking areas but we recommend starting at the Nature Center.

Patapsco State Park, Cascade Falls Trail

Distance: 3-5 miles depending on what route you take

Difficulty: Easy

Entrance Fee: $2 per in-state vehicle

Helpful Tips: This trail is VERY popular on the weekends. Tara and her pup have enjoyed it on weekdays with fewer crowds. It's nicely covered for shade during those hot summer months but you can always cool down by the waterfall!