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Dear Santa: We’ve Been Nice. Signed, The Dogs of Charm City

Word on the street is that Santa’s cutoff date for deciding who’s naughty and who’s nice was last week. Fortunately, nearly all of Baltimore’s dogs made the nice list this year despite a lengthy list of minor slip ups. Thank goodness for redeeming nice-list behaviors (and adorably guilty faces). Dogs are born troublemakers — but every dog owner knows that there's no such thing as a dog on the Naughty List, no matter how bad they may have been.

We asked dogs around the DMV to share their naughty and nice highlights from the year. Here were some of our favorites:

Naughty Highlights

Acts of Destruction

I Made the couch explode

@kona.the dobie

Chewed up dad’s winning scratch off


Ate and shredded an entire box of leftover puppy pads


While our parents were at work, we pulled their potted plants from the window sill, ate the flowers and then peed all over the dirt so that it got stuck on the floor.


Ate/shredded most of mom’s mail