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Confessions of Baltimore Dog Moms

We Baltimore dog moms love our dogs. Like really, really love our dogs. We are totally obsessed with our dogs, and we could not be more proud. You will often hear us refer to ourselves as dog momagers, dog moms, puppy baby mommas, and crazy dog ladies. Loving? Definitely. Crazy? Possibly.

If you're a dog owner wondering if you're a #dogmom, read on. We Baltimore dog moms do not mess around when it comes to the happiness of our fur children! Here are some of the things we do best when it comes to our dogs.


We Pamper Them and Make Sure They are Looking Their Best. Their Style is Better Than Ours, and We Are Well Aware.

Allison & Telly (@tellsulater)

I brush my dog’s teeth with an electric toothbrush

Lyndsay & Wilson (@apupnamedwilly)

I had the groomer give my dog a blueberry facial.

Dana & Piper (@piperthepin)

My dog has Louis Vuitton. I don't even have Louis Vuitton.

Emily & Chia (@Chiathesuperdog)

My dog and I have matching shirts.

Kaila & Finley (@doodnamedfinley)

I’ve spend hundreds of dollars on bandanas, bow ties, and leashes. I don’t care how much they are, but when It comes to my clothes I only shop on sale/clearance.

Caitlyn & Remy (@Remythefrenchie5)

Every Friday we have a fashion show at the house so I can see all of the new clothes I got him that week.

Claudia and Hazel (@Hazeldoodlegram)

I take 4 days to pack my dog’s bag and only one for mine.


We Make Sure Everyone Knows They are a Big Deal (Because They Are).

Emily & Fika (@fikaonfleeka)

I have a business card for my dog.

Paige & Ollie (@ollie.pop.cavalier)

I have a tattoo of my dog’s face on my forearm. People in public always say “he’s so cute!” and I forget he’s on my arm.

Kaila & Finley (@doodnamedfinley)

We have two walls in our house with hand-drawn and framed portraits of our dog.

Jamie and Tyson

I brought my dog to “bring your child to work day”.


We Take Them Everywhere

Lyndsay & Wilson (@pupnamedwilly)

One time I snuck my dog into Target in an oversized bag. No regrets.

Jamie & Tyson

I purchased a carrier for my pup Tyson so I can bring him on scooter rides all over Charm City. He is my angel and therefore should not have to walk himself anywhere.

Stacy & Smitty (@smittythepup)

Smitty gets to come to work with me. At times I feel like I should give him his day off, so I let him sleep in and come home at lunch to pick him up. I feel like a nice boss/ dog mom!

Mackenzie, Wallie & Cleo

When we go on family car rides, my dogs sit shotgun in their car seat and my boyfriend sits in the back.

Morganne, Scarlett & Boh (@scarleydays)

I set up a paradise in the back of the car for my dogs when we travel. Even with the 5 star hotel in the back, they still demand to sit up front with me. One time, during a 6 hour drive, I crawled in the back and laid my body in the dog bed with them. The luggage wheel marks in my back were worth it for their happiness. It’s a dog mom thing.


We Never Let Them Go Hungry

Bunkin (@bunkinbmore)

One time, I realized – after Dogma was closed – that I ran out of dog food. I went out on a date that night to Dinner at The Prime Rib and ate only half of my prime rib so that my dog could eat the rest. My date was horrified that I was saving half of my food for my dog, and I was horrified that he was horrified. No second date, but a delicious and nutritious bone-in piece of beef for my dog!

Pricilla and Reebs (@Priscillaandreebs)

I’m a vegetarian but order ham and cheese sandwiched so my dog can eat the ham.

Annie, Ruca & Kora

Anytime I brunch with my dogs, they each get their own plate of bacon.

Pricilla and Reebs (@Priscillaandreebs)

I once ran out of dog food and my Amazon shipment got lost. It’s 9pm, and Reebs was starving, so I grub-hubbed (new verb?) a hamburger.


We Put Their Happiness First

Kelly & Scout (@itsallaboutscoutgirl)

I put on puppy movies for my dog on Netflix (Santa Paws, Super Buddies, Snow Buddies, etc.) when I have to leave so she would hopefully be less lonely.

Emily & Natty

My lab tries to get in the bathroom with me so often while I go to the bathroom, that I stopped shutting the door so she could. Crazy or loving?

Jenn and Milo (@Miloooooooooooooo)

I spend more money on my dog’s clothes, toys, and treats than I do my groceries each month.

Ciara & Zoey

I called out “sick” for my dog’s birthday. I had to block all of my coworkers on Instagram that day so I could post pictures of my dog. It was a smashing success.

Morganne, Scarlett & Boh (@scarleydays)

I sit with them as they eat their food, because who actually wants to eat alone? Right next to the bowl.


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