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New around here? Fill out our contact form and we will reach out within 24 hours to schedule a time to meet you and your pup and send you a link to set up your profile in our dog walking software. 

One of our team members will come to your home to meet you and your pup, review your profile with you, answer any questions, and grab a spare key. We want to get to know you, and for you and your dog to get to know us.

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Request dog walking services from your phone or computer. Services can be booked the same day, or months in advance. Whether you need us daily or once per month, we are here when you need us!

Receive Pupdates

Our walkers will keep you updated via text message when we are on the way to your home, while out with your pup, and when we leave including photos and videos of our adventure. We take communication very seriously around here!

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Dog Walking


If you're seeking a 1-on-1 visit with your pup or looking to have your dog walked with a neighborhood friend, this is for you! We promise that our visit will be the highlight of your dog's day (and your's too).

  • Obedience Reinforcement
  • Detailed Update with Pictures & Videos

  • Snuggles, love, and attention!

  • Mail/Package Collection, Lights On/Off & other house requests as needed!


Private or group walk, your choice.

  • 15 min - $15
  • 30 min - $20
  • 45 min - $25
  • 60 min - $30


Second dog, same household +$5


Dog Walks Include

Neighborhoods We Serve

  • Canton
  • Fells Point

  • Harbor Point

  • Harbor East

Additional Fees

  • Weekend Services +$5
  • Services After 6pm +$5
  • Cancellation charge equal to 50% of service if cancellation is made with less than 12 hours of notice

  • Patterson Park
  • Brewers Hill

  • Butchers Hill

  • Highlandtown


Pack Walks

Reintroduce your pup to his or her natural environment as a pack animal! Your dog will naturally find his or her place in the pack, learning from their pack leader and the other dogs to work and walk together. Whether your dog is shy, anxious, socially awkward, or overly excitable, there is a place for them in our pack and they will benefit greatly from our program!

  • Group Walk with 1-5 other dogs
  • Transportation to and from walking route
  • Major Physical and Social Stimulus

  • Detailed Update with Pictures & Videos

  • New BFFs in the area!


Dogs must be spayed/neutered for pack walks. Puppies under 5 months of age not accepted at this time. Dogs must be approved for pack walks prior to scheduling.

  • 1 hour dog walk + transportation- $32
  • Second Dog, same household +$15


Pack Walks Include


dog Transportation

Forgot about that vet visit you scheduled 3 months ago? Interested in doggie daycare but your shift starts before they open? We offer pick up and drop-off transportation services for dogs!

  • Updates upon pickup and drop off 

  • Transportation up to 2 miles from Canton

  • One way - $​​15


Pet Transportation Includes


dog Pack Adventures

Pack Adventures are off-leash, group outings. Think outdoor doggie daycare without boundaries. The land that we adventure on includes open grass fields, wooded hiking trails, and man-made ponds. Your dog will swim, hike, socialize, practice basic commands, and develop off-leash listening skills under the close supervision of Dogs of Charm City, and Laura Gabell, Head Trainer at Monument City Dog.

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"Without hesitation, Dogs of Charm City is the best in the business. I am so thankful for the amazing people who take care of my dog every single day. The relationship between myself, Leo and everyone at DOCC has grown into a family and for that I am beyond grateful."



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