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Dog Walking

If you're seeking a 1-on-1 visit with your pup or looking to have your dog walked with a neighborhood friend, this is for you! We promise that our visit will be the highlight of your dog's day.

Dog Walks Include
  • Private or Group Walk, your choice
  • Obedience Reinforcement
  • Detailed Update with Pictures & Videos

  • Snuggles, love, and attention!

  • Mail/Package Collection, Lights On/Off & other house requests as needed!

  • 15 min - $15
  • 30 min - $20
  • 45 min - $25
  • 60 min - $30
  • Second dog, same household +$6

Pack Walks

Reintroduce your pup to his or her natural environment as a pack animal! Your dog will naturally find his or her place in the pack, learning from their pack leader and the other dogs to work and walk together. Whether your dog is shy, anxious, socially awkward, or overly excitable, there is a place for them in our pack and they will benefit greatly from our program!

Pack Walks Include
  • Group Walk with 1-6 other dogs
  • Transportation to and from walking route
  • Major Physical and Social Stimulus

  • Detailed Update with Pictures & Videos

  • New BFFs in the area!


*Dogs must be spayed/neutered for pack walking. All owners must provide proof of vaccinations including rabies.  Puppies under 5mo not accepted at this time.

  • 1 hour walk + transportation - $32 
  • Second Dog, same household +$15


Pet Transportation

Forgot about that vet visit you scheduled 3 months ago? Interested in doggie daycare but your shift starts at 6AM? We offer pick up and drop-off transportation for both cats and dogs!

Pet Transportation Includes
  • Updates upon arrival and drop off 
  • Transportation up to 2 miles

  • One way - $​​15


Pack Adventures

Got an overly energetic pup on your hands? Contact us for our Pack Adventure and Hike schedule. 

"Without hesitation, Dogs of Charm City is the best in the business. I am so thankful for the amazing people who take care of my dog every single day. The relationship between myself, Leo and everyone at DOCC has grown into a family and for that I am beyond grateful."