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ZinfanTail Dog Wine

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Brand: Bowser's Dog Beer

Is your dog drinking responsibly? The answer is “YES!” when they are drinking dog wine!

After a long hard day of sniffing butts, barking at the mailman, and burying bones, our BFFs deserve a glass of vino! Indulge your pup with wine made just for them.

Each bottle of dog wine looks like a beverage you might enjoy yourself, but this drink contains no alcohol, just a mix of savory Alaskan salmon oil, beet juice and peppermint leaf. Pour a bottle in your dog's bowl, splash some on bland kibble for a special meal, freeze in ice cube trays for a cold treat, or use in place of water in a dog treat recipe.

This dog wine does not need to be refrigerated until opened. Each bottle has a resealable cap and can be stored in the refrigerator for up to a week after opening.

Each 5 oz. bottle comes in a plastic recyclable, resealable bottle.

This dog wine is made by our friends at Pet Wine Shop. 100% USA sourced and produced.

Ingredients: filtered water, organic peppermint hydrosol, alaskan salmon oil, beet red color, rosemary extract and potassium sorbate (non toxic preservative)

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